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Visual Method and Systematic Play

How does the creativity in art and design develop? In the five chapters BASIS, INTER­PRETATION, INTER­PRETATION, VARIATION, RELATION and SEQUENCE, numerous methodical design approaches are presented, leading first to variety and then to new ideas. The diversity and often surprising nature of the results is, in a large part, due to the many different processes through which they are shaped.

Armin Lindauer and Betina Müller have spent many decades searching for, collecting and compiling works that generate creative design solutions by means of methodical processes in the form of experiments. Their discoveries stem from entirely different sectors such as advertising, product design, poster design, art and even science. Historical works such as those of Courbet, Monet, Jawlensky, Picasso, Albers and the Bechers are also discussed and considered, along with works by famous, contemporary designers, for example, Daniele Buetti, Günther Kieser, Uwe Loesch or Stefan Sagmeister. With more than 3000 illustrations, Experimental Design is a visual book of non-fiction for everyone who is interested in the process behind the development of ideas and fancies.

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